About bQuark.

bQuark is on online business tool provided by Raving Mad About Enterprise Limited. This tool has been developed to allow small and medium sized companies (SME) to managed all aspects of their business

We provide multiple levels of services and Modules depending on the needs of your business. The entry level is completely free and provides basic services required to run a small business.


Book KeepingSimple booking legders and Bank account management
VATTrack your VAT
Pay RoleManage your employees Pay role.
Asset ManagementManage your assets.
Contact ManagementManage information about your companies contacts with Suppliers and Customers.
Campaign ManagementManage all aspects of sales campaigns, track advertising, SEO and emails.
Lead ManagementManage your leads and track how well you convert them into sales.
Order ManagementManaging to taking of orders through to the dispatch.
Shop ManagementManage the products you sell online
Returns ManagementHandle all aspects of the returns process.
Project Management
Project ManagementComplete project tracking and control with typical gnatt charting or Kayban cards.
Resource ManagementManage project resources time and cost.
To Do listsWhere you just want to track your 'To Do' items or tasks within a project. This simple 'To Do' list will help you out.
Purchase ManagementManage the complete life cycle of Purchases, from ordering to good receivable.
Stock ManagementManage the tracking of quantities and locations of your stock.
Dispatch ManagementManage the dispatch of orders out the door. Whether its is on 3-party couriers or your own vans and lorries with Load shcedules.
Route PlanningRun your own transport, then planning your route is a must
Fleet ManagementRun you own transport, then keeping track of all aspects of the fleet, from fuel usage to maintenance schedules is a must.
Bills of MaterialsProduce Bills of Materials, to handle stock and assemblies through to completed products.
Work Order ManagementBased off of your bills of materials, create works orders to manufacture the peices of the products you sell.
MaintenanceHave tools, then keep them in tip top condition by tracking their maintenance schedules.
Facilities ManagementHave premisess, then keep track of maintaining them. From scheduling repeat orders of consumables to scheduling maintenance on their equipment.
Staff ManagementManage your staffs information and contracts
Staff Review FrameworkReview how your staff are performing.
Employee Development PlanningKeep your staff valuable to the needs of the business
Conflict Resolution frameworksFor when things don't go smoothly.
Contract ManagementManage all aspects of the contracts your business has with others.
Dispute ManagementManage all aspects of any litigation your business enters into
Govennance PoliciesManage the frameworks you employee to keep your business on the correct side of the law and the companies ethics.
Document ManagementKeep track of your businesses documents in one central place.
Enterprise Service BusOur Enterprise service bus allows for application to application communications.
Help DeskHelp Desk services

Service Levels

Costs Capacity Fiscal Sales eCommerce Project Management Warehousing Logistics Manufacturing Facilities HR Legal Enterprise
Fee PCM Additional User User Employees Transactions Book Keeping VAT Pay Role Asset Management Contact Management Campaign Management Lead Management Order Management Shop Management Returns Management Project Management Resource Management To Do lists Purchase Management Stock Management Dispatch Management Route Planning Fleet Management Bills of Materials Work Order Management Maintenance Facilities Management Staff Management Staff Review Framework Employee Development Planning Conflict Resolution frameworks Contract Management Dispute Management Govennance Policies Document Management Enterprise Service Bus Help Desk


Free x 1 1 20

Small Business

£5.00 £2.00 2 10 20

Online Retailer

£10.00 £2.00 5 20 40


£15.00 £2.00 5 20 40 2 Concurrent 20 Concurrent 3000 / 1 / 5


£20.00 £3.00 10 50 50 4000 / 2 / 10


£50.00 £5.00 10 100 100 5000 / 2 / 10 2 Gb 100 PCM 2 Users


£75.00 £5.00 20 200 400 5000 / 2 / 10 5 Gb 200 PCM 5 Users


£100.00 £5.00 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Online shop restrictions indicate "Number of Items / Number of Shops / Number of Departments".
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Multiple Companies

If you run, or are involved in multiple companies than bQuark can handle your needs wiht a single login.

Note: additional fees may apply for each company added to a users account. A user with multiple companies will count as a user in each of the companies so the company plan will need to allow for enough users.